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Single Best Affirmation to increase self-confidence

In this article, you will learn the single most powerful affirmation to increase self-confidence. This is not an exaggeration and by the end of this article, you will realize why.

You are probably eager to know what this affirmation is. But, before we move on to the affirmation itself, let’s first understand ‘why is it so?’ and ‘how should you apply it?’

Single Best Affirmation To Build Your Self-Confidence

Only if YOU understand these two things, YOU will have complete faith and confidence in the affirmation.


But, I Don’t Have Confidence!

Single Best Affirmation To Build Your Self-Confidence
You, just like any other person, have a set of opinions about yourself. They form your self-esteem. Through years, you begin to believe that this self-image is who you really are.

BUT it’s not exactly true!

In fact, when Buddha indulged in deep self-observation 2500 years ago, he made an interesting discovery –

Single Best Affirmation To Build Your Self-Confidence


What Did He Mean?

He meant that your ‘self-confidence’ is only one part of your behavioral pattern. YOU were not born with it, but rather, you learned it at a certain point of time.

Moreover, your feeling of ‘lack of self-confidence’ might not have been because of you. Perhaps when you were a child, someone might have said something that led you to believe that you are not confident enough. So, you started behaving accordingly.

Perhaps, 5-10 years of behaving this way made you believe that this ‘lack of self-confidence’ is a natural part of you.

BUT, this is NOT TRUE.

It is just a habit – a mental habit.

You can compare it to a physical bad habit like smoking.

Is it easy to quit smoking?

No, it’s not!

BUT, is it possible to quit smoking?

Yes, for sure! Millions of people have done it. And YOU can do the same.

Single Best Affirmation To Build Your Self-Confidence

Another thing that you closely associate with yourself is your profession. Often, people would say something like “I am a designer” or “I am an X (any profession).”

But of course, it does not mean that YOU are a designer. It is just a profession that you chose at some time of your life. You can change it any time.

This is the same with any kind of quality that you possess.


How ‘Fight Club’ Can Inspire You

Funnily enough, there is a quote from the movie ‘Fight Club’ that best explains this –

Single Best Affirmation To Build Your Self-Confidence
The idea expressed by the above quote is quite accurate. But the last sentence is a little crass so it is best replaced with something more inspiring. For example, “You are an old soul with a young heart; naive enough to love, wise enough to learn.” 

Therefore, just like you should not equate yourself with your profession or materialistic possessions – you should not associate your mental habits with yourself either.


An Imaginary Situation

Think about this imaginary situation –

When you were two years old, you are moved to a different area on the planet – a totally new environment. Let’s say, you grew up in a tribe situated in the Amazon Forest or in a society of monks in Tibet.

Single Best Affirmation To Build Your Self-Confidence

In this scenario, you would be a totally different person with a totally different set of behavioral patterns. That means this lack of self-confidence is not something that is always in you.

So, to conclude, YOU are NOT your behavioral pattern.

Your behavior pattern was picked up during some point in time in your life. It is possible to detect, comprehend, reiterate yourself with new behavioral patterns at any time.

Now, the next question is:


“How to Change Your Behavioural Patterns?”

One of the simplest and most straightforward techniques to program your brain is called NLB - Neuro linguistic programming. Although the term sounds complex, in reality, it is a very simple thing.

It means that you can program your brain with words. When you say certain words, they create a certain idea or a vision in your head. Then your brain in turn starts working according to that vision.

Single Best Affirmation To Build Your Self-Confidence


What Part Does Confidence Affirmation Play Here?

Now, let’s discuss how all this is connected to ‘affirmation’ –

Your brain is one of the most complex things in the universe. So if you want to program your brain, it has to be done wisely and carefully. It is not an easy task!

For instance, if you need to program a computer, you have to learn some programming language. But to program a brain, it’s not that straight forward and it’s quite tricky.

Single Best Affirmation To Build Your Self-Confidence


Natural BUT Incorrect Affirmation

In fact, let me ask you one thing – if you wish to become more self-confident, do you think merely by saying “I am confident” would make a difference to your self-esteem? Most probably, it won’t work. You are simply saying this phrase without having any inner faith.

After all, since you are reading this article, it means that you wish to enhance your self-confidence.

Let me give you another example – imagine that you are really sick.

Do you think by simply saying “I am getting better” or “I am recovering”, you are giving yourself the right affirmation? NO, YOU ARE NOT.

Single Best Affirmation To Build Your Self-Confidence

When you say, “I am getting better,” it actually implies that you are still sick and yet to recover. So, when you say this, you are actually reminding your subconscious self that you are still sick. Hence, it becomes a negative affirmation. It is ironic!

Therefore, we must be very careful with the affirmations that we give ourselves. Even the seemingly “positive” ones might cause more harm than good.


Here’s The Affirmation You Need

So let’s finally come to the affirmation to increase your self-confidence. The single most powerful confidence affirmation that alone would help you in building a rock solid self-confidence is –

Single Best Affirmation To Build Your Self-Confidence

This affirmation has been formulated and worded wisely:

Firstly, the affirmation does not imply that you are not confident at the moment. Rather, the magical word “more” simply suggests that you already have the self-confidence and that you are only going to develop more of it.

Secondly, you are not lying to yourself. You aren’t saying that you are ‘super-confident’ now. Instead, you are telling yourself that you have some level of confidence now, and you are simply going to grow it.

Therefore, the above affirmation can be said with all your inner faith. After all, it is absolutely true!

You can say it any number of times. It's better if say it in your mind or quietly, when in public. The more you say, the better.

Single Best Affirmation To Build Your Self-Confidence

As you repeat the above affirmation, you will program your brain slowly and maturely and believe that you are more confident.



  1. You are not your behavioral pattern. You can comprehend it and change it. After all, you are the architect of your life.
  2. Use this single most powerful affirmation to build your confidence:

Every hour, I become more confident.

Every day, I become more confident.

Every year, I become more confident.

Single Best Affirmation To Build Your Self-Confidence



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