How to Stay Positive:
25 Smart Beliefs

by Igor Smirnov

How to Wake Up, Feel Awesome, And Stay Positive Throughout the Day

Learn the Powerful Beliefs to Live By

  • How can you wake up feeling energized?
  • How can you stay positive despite a bad day?
  • How can you ensure that your emotional state is always at its best?
  • Who is your biggest enemy?
  • What are your beliefs about yourself and how are they formed?

In this free E-book you will learn

  • Recharge your positive energy

Sometimes we really need this after the day we’ve had…

  • Top-25 most powerful beliefs to live by

How beliefs and emotions are formed? How can YOU control this process?

They don’t teach this life skill in school (but should!).

  • Your source for daily motivation

What’s stopping you from achieving your dreams and how to overcome it?


Igor Smirnov is a Psychologist, chess Grandmaster, Internet entrepreneur.

“I am passionate about ideas and strategies that change one’s life for the better. Some people say it’s all nonsense. Other people say that I truly helped them turn their life around.

Give it a try and decide for yourself!

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