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9 Habits That Stop You From Achieving Your Goals

All of us have goals we want to accomplish.

Have you ever made a new year resolution? Well, this too is some sort of goal setting.

We all make new year resolutions; but somehow, most of us give up at the very beginning of the year itself!

Even if you are very focused towards achieving your missions, a few roadblocks along the way may just make it impossible. Therefore, we need to eliminate them before they prove to be an obstacle.

For this, dropping bad habits that can hold you back, is essential.

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What are Bad Habits?

Bad habits are the things we do knowingly or/and unknowingly that interrupt our success in the long run.

In this article, we will discuss 9 common bad habits that can stop you from living your dreams –

1. You make Excuses

A lot of people think that ‘they are not ready’ or ‘it’s not the right time’ when they try something new or different.

This mindset has been ingrained into us because of our education system. Our mediocre education system has led us to believe that we first need to spend years studying in school and then graduating from university, in order to be able to do something in life.

This stereotype has existed for years. We are only taught the value of preparation and not the importance of improvisation.

But real life is different!

In fact, successful people are go-getters who take BIG actions toward their goals.

“If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!” - Richard Branson (British business tycoon)

‘You learn during the process.’ Those who follow this strategy tend to achieve more in life.

NEVER think that ‘You are not ready yet!’ You will never be.

2. You are a perfectionist

Don't get me wrong – it is good to strive for perfection. However, sometimes, we let it go overboard.

For example, once I had seen the interview with Dan Lok, the internet entrepreneur who has more than a million subscribers on YouTube. While sharing his story, he narrated an interesting incident. Initially, when he was a YouTube beginner, he needed to record a 2-minute video. For that, he wrote a script and took 12 takes to record that.

Thus, there are people who have a fear of presenting their work that is not 100% complete or “perfect.” But, 100% perfection takes a lot of time and unnecessary effort.

Our education system is somewhat responsible for inculcating this habit as well. For example, after any test result, teachers pay attention to the wrong answers only (and not to the right ones). We have been trained to focus only on our mistakes.

This habit tends to continue in adult life too. We want to perfect our work before it is presented in order to not risk getting criticized.

However, making mistakes is not wrong or something to be ashamed of. After all, only when you fail, you are one step closer towards success.

Instead of being perfect, being consistent is important. When you try, there are times when you miserably fail while some times you succeed remarkably.

Thus, all you need to do is use your work even if you think it is not 100% perfect.

Here is a good rule of thumb – Accept and make efficient use of your work if it is at least 80% good.

3. You have Unrealistic Expectations

Today everybody is trying to sell something or the other. Every marketer’s basic strategy is to promise unrealistic goals.

Have you heard of promises like:

- Get perfect abs within 4 weeks!

- Lose weight by popping these magical pills.

- Make $1 Million in one month

When you actually go for it, you realize that these promises are just too unrealistic.

Though you put in the required efforts, you don’t get those expected drastic results. Thus, you start questioning your routine and dedication towards it. You, in turn, start looking for solutions and end up falling for another impractical promise.

It is very important to not to fall for commercials that assure you such bizarrely unrealistic results.

4. You underestimate yourself

Have you ever wished to achieve something but then thought that it's not your cup of tea?

Most of the times, you are affected by the entertainment media. However, we tend to forget that media often does not reflect reality. For instance, in the Steve Jobs biopic, they portrayed an unrealistic and idealistic version of his life which was actually not the case.

Recently the popular singer Tiwa Savage shared the story about her low self-esteem. She said that she felt sad even when her fans sent her messages saying ‘how great she is’ or ‘how beautiful she is.’

However, she feels bad because she knows these compliments are superficial. The way she looks is the result of many hours of makeup, long hours of professional photoshoots and a clan of designers that work for her clothing. Moreover, after all this, these pictures are edited.

We tend to compare ourselves with highly unrealistic pictures and underestimate ourselves.

But the truth is nobody's smarter than you.

Nobody is better than you.

You can accomplish anything you want if you just follow the right path. If you follow the right track, you can get the exact same result as anyone else. All you need to do is believe in yourself and look for new opportunities.

5. You don't Execute

You might have heard about the Pareto principle (80/20 rule). This principle is applicable when you learn something and then execute it.

Often times you spend a lot of time in the preparation phase. Thus, very less time is left for execution. For example, some of my friends wanted to start a new business but till date, didn’t execute that business idea.

So, what differentiates the highly successful people from the rest?

Successful people apply the Pareto principle in the right way to accomplish their life goals.

When you decide on any goal, you should allocate 20% of the time and money for preparation. The rest 80% of the resources must be allocated to execution. For example, if you spend 2 hours of your day in learning a new skill then you must spend 8 hours practising it.

If you plan your goals this way, no one can stop you from racing your way towards your aim.

6. You Procrastinate

At some point in time, we all think that ‘It’s not the right time to do it.’ There’s nothing wrong in thinking like that. Sometimes you're going through something that makes you feel like it's not the ideal time for something new.

But that’s the wrong approach!

The truth is problems never end. Problems are like waves in the oceans, like waves, problems too keep coming one day after the other.

Thus, there’s no better time to start something new. So instead of postponing it for the future, start today!

Remember the only perfect time to start something is RIGHT NOW!

7. You are Ungrateful

When we watch different motivational videos or read inspirational stories, we think about our situations as major obstacles.

But if you look at the broader picture, you will realize that every individual on this planet is going through some sort of challenge or the other. Moreover, some of them are facing an even worse situation than yours!

One such story I had heard long back was about a girl who was a waitress in Hawaii. Unfortunately, she ran out of money, got addicted to drugs and eventually becomes a prostitute to feed herself. She was homeless.

However, at one point she decided to pick herself up and change her life. Ultimately, she became a multi-millionaire and a successful entrepreneur. So, there are people who were in a much worse situation than you are in currently and yet went on to become successful.

If you compare your life with the people around you, you will realize that you can definitely deal with your situation.

8. You think that you Lack Resources

Sometimes, we think a lack of resources affects our progress. People often google questions like:

How do you get successful when you don't have an educational degree?

How do you become successful when you don't have money?

What to do if you don't have connections?

There are people who have more money than you or belong to an influential family. But the ladder of success has nothing to do with it.

In the book named, ‘The Millionaire Next Door,’ there is extensive research about the millionaires in America. This research found a lot of counterintuitive things about millionaires - One of them was that millionaires who support their kids are actually making them weak. Those parents who help their kids get their education, buy them a house, help them with a job or give them money to start their business are actually not helping the long-term success of the child.


In reality, these kids are insecure because they know that they cannot do anything on their own. Thus, they can never lead their life independently.

In contrast, some millionaires prefer to let their kids do things on their own, such kids go on to become achievers. Since they deal with hardships on their own, they get stronger and develop their own personality.

A lack of resources can provoke people to become successful. In fact, 70%-80% millionaires are self-made and at some point of the time, they too were in unfavorable situations.

So, look ahead. For, obstacle can be fruitful too.

9. You get distracted

In today’s world, we are constantly faced with distractions that prevent you from truly focusing on your goals.

It could be social media notifications, text messages or even advertisements.

Thus, it gets really hard to stick to your schedule when you're constantly bombarded by various kinds of distractions.

To get rid of this, my mentor gave me a really great piece of advice. He said to make sure that you give an hour every day to achieve your dreams. He asked me to work on my dream daily for an hour before I start my routine. His advice worked well for me.

Small efforts every day will compound to yield BIG results at the end of the year.

This advice is well adapted by writers - before starting their routine, they actually write for an hour. After 365 days, they have 365 pages of writeup ready with them.

To sum up. these 9 common habits hurt your chances of achieving success.

The basic backbone to achieve something is to try hard. Like all successful people in the world, you too have the same potential. You just have to use your energy to the fullest and get rid of bad habits.

If you have any questions, let us know in the comment section below. We will definitely answer them. Also, if you want to include any other obstacles, feel free to tell us.

Igor Smirnov

Igor Smirnov

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