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2 Key Self-confidence Tips From World's Top Athletes

In this article, you will learn 2 Key Self-confidence Tips From World's Top Athletes.

Why do you care about self-confidence?

It’ll be easier understand if you look at 2 likely scenarios:

  1. You have an upcoming event in your life. It could be an exam, a job interview or even a public speaking event. But you are not sure how it is going to turn out.This uncertainty is making you worry about your performance at this event.  In such situations, you wish that you had more self-confidence.
  2. At times, you might think that if you had more self-confidence, you could have achieved greater things in life.

Both these scenarios will actually make YOU think of increasing your confidence.


See The Statistics For Yourself

Psychological researchers have found that when you communicate, roughly, only 10% of your influence is achieved by words. Your body language makes 60% of that influence, while the tone of your voice uses 30%.

2 Methods Of World’s Top Athletes To Boost Self-Confidence

So, 90% of your influence is done by your emotions while your logic reasoning using words uses only a minor 10%.

2 Methods Of World’s Top Athletes To Boost Self-Confidence

Hence, when you communicate, your emotions and your self-confidence that you project will influence others to a great extent. This contributes to 90% of the reason for their successful cooperation.

The Good And The Bad

Now, there is both good news and bad news for you here:

Good news: YOUR Self-Confidence is a learnable skill and so YOU can constantly improve it.

Bad news: NO ONE will teach you the importance of self-confidence.  YOU will have to learn ON YOUR OWN!

2 Methods Of World’s Top Athletes To Boost Self-Confidence

The 2 Methods

The world’s top athletes use the following 2 Methods to boost their self-confidence.

Method 1: Shift Your Insecurities To Your Opponent

 2 Methods Of World’s Top Athletes To Boost Self-Confidence

You have an important event coming up in your life. And you don’t feel the true inner power. Then, it is typical of you to worry and stress out.

In such situations, try shifting your insecurities to YOUR OPPONENT.

In fact, most people feel nervousness, even if they don’t express it. They try to hide it!

Imagine that you are having an important conversation with someone. He/she will also feel the same nervousness just like you.

If you keep this in mind, YOU will stop focusing on your own insecurities and shift your attention to the other person’s weakness. This will help you feel more superior and less vulnerable.

Don't worry over what other people are thinking about you. They're too busy worrying over what you are thinking about them.

Another thing that makes you less confident is that you do not know the future. This happens especially when you have no full control over a situation and its outcome. This will in turn affect your conduct and stress you out.

In such times, it is important that YOU know the fundamental truth – ‘NOBODY knows the future'.

The so-called experts who predict the future are NOT 100% CORRECT. Most of their predictions are often wrong. Even though they might appear and talk very confidently. For instance, most of the financial experts could not foresee the world’s financial crisis.

In fact, “…in terms of DNA sequence, each human is 99.5% similar to any other human”.

2 Methods Of World’s Top Athletes To Boost Self-Confidence

So, always remind yourself that the people you interact with have the same insecurities and emotions as you. Even though they might not show it.


Method 2: Develop Your Pre-Event Ritual

You may have noticed that all sport teams perform a certain ritual right before the start of the tournament. These rituals serve the purpose of boosting their energy and self-confidence.

This shows that nobody is 100% energetic and confident throughout their entire life. It is important to boost yourself during critical situations. You can also do the same before other daily/ordinary circumstances. For example, before you approach your boss for a promotion, you can perhaps do your “pre-event” ritual and boost yourself up.

Please check out this below pre-event ritual of an Olympic Champion (in rhythmic gymnastics) - Margarita Mamun.

2 Methods Of World’s Top Athletes To Boost Self-Confidence

You may notice a few things in the video.

Firstly, Mamun is also feeling nervous, even though she has a wealth of experience and is one of the best in the world.

Secondly, the ritual itself, you can observe that Mamun takes a deep breath in, pushes her shoulder out, exhales slowly and then relaxes her shoulder.

Do not underestimate the power of this ritual. This ritual has scientific backing and important physiological consequences. These top athletes work with the best experts in psychology and physiology. They know what they are doing.

You can perhaps draw inspiration from this ritual and use it yourself.


How To Spot A Stressed Person?

Do you know how to differentiate a person who is stressed from a person who is not? A person who is stressed will have his/her shoulder slightly raised.

Therefore, when you do this pre-event ritual and relax your shoulders, the physiological changes will cause a psychological change. Your stress level decreases.

The same thing happens when you inhale and exhale, deeply and slowly. When you breathe out, all the nervousness is expelled from your body.

It takes only a few seconds to do. But this ritual can help release all the negative tension and emotions from your body.



Your SELF-CONFIDENCE is similar to the health of your body. It is not something that you can develop once and for all. Rather, it is something that you need to maintain by working on it regularly.

You can achieve your goal of increasing your self-confidence by following the 2 self-confidence tips from this article:

2 Methods Of World’s Top Athletes To Boost Self-Confidence




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